1. Decide what kind of business legal structure (if any) you want to set up –  incorporated association, company etc.
  2. Get an ABN  – or a WPN if you decide not to set up a business structure.
  3. Get insurance – workers compensation and public liability insurance policy
  4. Work out how much you will pay under the the SCHADS Award
  5. Hire a book keeper
  6. Recruit staff
  7. Write contracts and position descriptions
  8. Check if you need to pay long service leave in your state.
  9. Choose a rostering tool
  10. Choose a timesheet tool
  11. Choose a collaboration tool
  12. Choose a payroll system tool
  13. Choose a record keeping tool
  14. Write up policies and procedures
  15. Pay tax to the ATO
  16. Pay superannuation to employee super funds
  17. Pay long service leave if required
  18. Provide staff training
  19. Provide staff supervision
  20. Get HR company to check Fair Work Compliance

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