Stop Dreaming, Start Building

We support people  with disability and their parents wanting more than group homes and day programs to build typical lives where they truly belong in the community.

Our Good Life Building Program

We offer an intimate education program on how to build and lead a support team that provides person centred support which leads to your family member who has a disability living a typical life where they truly belong in their community.
We do this through online training, mentoring and the support of a community of like minded people.

Isaac at work

The Good Life Builder's Way

The usual pathway for people with disablity is separated, disability specific programs and places. Connection to community is limited and the opportunity to belong and have a valued role in the wider community lessened.

Building a more typical life can feel overwhelming and lonely. Our philosophy focuses on ‘building’. Taking small gradual action steps that help you build your support team and implement values, systems and processes that lead to good life outcomes.

Our end goal is a safeguarded, independent and typical life in the community for your family member with a disability that doesn’t overwhelm and rely on parents to do the daily management.

Our Good Life Building Projects - More than Just Online Learning

  • Step by step guidance that holds your hand 
  • To do tasks to apply what you’ve learned
  • One on One mentoring to help you overcome hurdles and get stuff done
  • Peer support to keep you motivated to keep good life building

Our story

Many families feel overwhelmed and lonely building the good life. Our programs combined with an online community of like minded and supportive members helps you achieve your good life goals.