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Learn from people with disability, parents and other experts on topics around good life building such as

  • Directly employing staff
  • Setting up and running circles of support
  • The participant owned service model
  • Setting up a microbusiness
  • Building friendships
  • Training support workers
  • Planning and achieving goals with your team
  • Implementing alternative communication

And more…

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Our next upcoming webinar

Setting up a Microenterprise – Isaac Delivers

Wednesday December 15, 1-2pm Sydney time

This webinar will be presented by Sheree Henley, founder of The Good Life Builders.

Sheree’s son Isaac has his own delivery business called Isaac Delivers. It was crafted around his love of driving in the car and meeting people, his skills in carrying things and his need for regular routine.

Sheree will cover how she…

  • grew to understand what Isaac really loved to do
  • identified potential business options
  • tried out and tested ideas
  • set up business processes as simply as possible
  • found clients

There will be time allocated for you to ask questions.

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