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Learn from people with disability, parents and other experts on topics around good life building such as

  • Directly employing staff
  • Setting up and running circles of support
  • The participant owned service model
  • Setting up a microbusiness
  • Building friendships
  • Training support workers
  • Planning and achieving goals with your team
  • Implementing alternative communication

And more…

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Our next upcoming webinar

Implementing Health and Safety Practices

This webinar will be presented by Janelle Jamieson from Effective HR.

Janelle has over 15 years’ experience working in health and safety and workers compensation. She’s particularly interesting in working with families and support workers who want to implement safety in a simple and balanced way, who are not sure where to start.

In this webinar she will cover

  • What is Workplace Health and Safety
  • Safety Management System
  • WHS Responsibilities
  • Incidents and Hazards
  • Risk Management
  • Injury Management
  • Keeping a simple and balanced approach

Time will be allowed for questions.

A recording will be made available to those who register.

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