Meet Sheree

"Wife, mum, teacher, leader, good life builder, friend."

Sheree’s life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘building’, and with this she empowers families to build the good life their family member with a disability wants where they truly belong in the community.

Sheree’s son Isaac is a delivery man, small business owner, Canberra Raiders fan, live band groupie, housemate, neighbour, son and brother.  He also happens to have a complex disability.

Sheree has been able to build a good life for Isaac by forming a circle of support (and later a microboard) and harnessing their knowledge, skills community connections and love for Isaac.

Together we’ve moved Isaac from specialist to mainstream schooling. Then after leaving school we’ve supported him to set up  his own microbusiness called Isaac Delivers. He has a small group of lovely friends, and lives in his own home.

Sheree makes good life building more systematic and less like herding cats! She works exclusively with families who are looking for something more than group homes and day programs for their family member with a disability and are ready to “stop dreaming about a good life and start building it”.

With more people with disability and their families seeking included lives for their family member with a disability than ever before, Sheree believes the good life building journey throws families into leadership roles that require much bravery, tenacity and the backing of a like minded tribe. So she’s built a community of like minded family leaders.

This is my mission

To enable people with disability to live the good lives they want where they truly belong in their community by empowering their families to lead and become successful good life builders.