Stop Dreaming, Start Building

We offer specialised business coaching services to “services for one” and empower families to step back whilst creating a purposeful, connected life for their loved ones with disability and safeguard this good life into the future

Our Good Life Building Program

We offer an intimate education program that aims to build the capacity of families to set up and govern a disability service just for their family member with a disability. This allows family members who know the person best to have control over the quality of support and build a more typical and good life for their family member with a disability. It also enables parents to step out of the daily doing into an oversight role that is eventually passed on to others who know and love the person to safeguard this good life into the future when parents are no longer able to.

We do this through one on one mentoring and training.

The Good Life Builder's Way

The usual pathway for people with disablity is separated, disability specific programs and places. Connection to community is limited and the opportunity to belong and have a valued role in the wider community lessened.

People with disability are usually supported by service providers who must focus on providing services for many people and their ability to build relationships for individuals in the community is reduced. People with disability in these settings can become isolated and vulnerable. Systems alone don’t keep people safe. Relationships do.

Services for one provide the opportunity for families to directly employ better quality supports whose sole focus is their family member with disability. The opportunities to form relationships with people in the community increase and their good life is safeguarded by a board comprised of people who know the person’s will and preference best and can safeguard the good life.

Our story

Many families feel overwhelmed and lonely building the good life. Our programs combined with an online community of like minded and supportive members helps you achieve your good life goals.