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Learn to directly employ, recruit, train and lead your support team.

All our online learning courses are called projects for a reason.  They are not just about learning.  They are also about doing, taking action, building.  

Our online courses  come with one on one mentoring to help you “do the doing” and get real outcomes and a peer support group where you can share your successes and get the support and encouragement of fellow families doing the projects alongside you.


We run regular webinars where you can learn from people with disability, parents and other experts on a variety of topics related to good life building such as

  • Directly employing staff
  • Setting up and running circles of support
  • The participant owned service model
  • Setting up a microbusiness
  • Building friendships
  • Training support workers
  • Planning and achieving goals with your team
  • Implementing alternative communication


    Our Policy Pack has been developed by our partners Effective HR who are degree trained HR experts whose core business is supporting families and organisations working in the disability support space.

    It has been designed using plain English to make it easy to understand, accessible and concise.

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    Podio is an online team collaboration tool used by organisations large and small all around the world.

    We can support you to put together your Podio workspace to manage your team of supports including things like staff training, medical appointment notes, goals and plans, receipts, shift reports and staff meeting minutes.

    It’s an easy to use and flexible online system that you change to fit in with the way you and your team works