We recently held our Get Stuff Done Retreat in Brisbane in October and a good time was had by all.  Our speakers gave us lots of food for thought and we got some stuff done – although not as much as we’d hoped so next year doing will be a bigger focus.

Speaking of next year – it’s going to be in Adelaide!  Not sure of the date or venue yet but start planning!

Some of the ideas from participants about the next retreat were:

  • discussions on handling the conflict between duty of care vs dignity of risk/ restrictive practise/ supported decision making choice and control
  • workshops for team leaders and team members
  • a space for team leaders and support teams to work on things together
  • making it 3 days!
  • Involving siblings
  • Making the most of social dinners – they are extremely valuable, a great get to know each other time.

Everybody said they would come again in the evaluation surveys so hope to see you in Adelaide!


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