Why attend?

We at the Good Life Builders want to support you as a person with a disability or a parent of a person with a disability to hire and work with great support teams that you choose. We are parents too and we know how hard it can be to find the right support.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way and you need time and space to get stuff done with the right people around you to support you. So if you’ve got stuff to do around becoming an employer, recruiting staff, training them, setting up systems and tools for rostering, payroll and team collaboration, making plans on how to achieve goals with your staff and more and you need some time out to get some of these things ticked off your to do list our Get Stuff Done Retreat is for you!

Who is this event for?

This event for people with disability and their families who currently or are thinking about directly employing disability support staff. It is not for service providers.

Families are welcome to bring along a paid support worker to help them get stuff done for a reduced fee that covers catering.

What is the event about?

We will have professional supports and experienced families available to help you get some of the stuff done that you’ve been trying to do but haven’t had the time or the expertise to call on.

Help will be available to get things like getting your

  • legal entity set up
  • job adverts up and running
  • contracts written
  • policies and procedures written
  • payroll system in place
  • rosters up and running
  • team collaboration workspace set up on Podio
  • leading your team (but not getting bogged down in the management) to build a good life

There will also be time for networking and recharging batteries

Good life building can feel a little lonely at times so you will be able to recharge your batteries, get connected to and feel uplifted by fellow Good Life Builders.

What is the schedule?

Thursday October 13 – The event will start on with a “Doing Dinner” at 6pm. Bring your laptops and get cracking on getting stuff done over dinner and get to know your fellow Good Life Builders.

Friday October 14 – 9 am – 4 pm you will be able to attend several small group sessions with various experts you choose to help you get stuff done. From 4pm the evening is yours to see the sights, network with other fellow Good Life Builders or just chill.

Saturday October 15 – 9 am – 4 pm you will again be able to attend small group sessions with various experts to get stuff done.

What is the cost?

Free for Good Life Builder Members – that is, families that have already purchased one or more of our online learning and mentoring projects. However we ask that you purchase a refundable deposit ticket. This is because in our experience, it can be a little too easy to sign up and then not attend an event if it is free. That can mean that others miss out on attending when there are limited seats. So we ask that families eligible for a free ticket pay a deposit of $110 which is refunded if you attend.

Non Members – that is, families who have not purchased any of the projects – $597.

Support staff – families can bring along one support person to attend the event and help with getting stuff done – $110

What is included in the price?

Morning and tea, lunch, tea and coffee and water throughout the day.

Time with experts on the day

Notes and resources.

What is NOT included in the price?

Travel to and from the venue


Drinks from the bar


Free time activities

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