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All our online learning courses are called projects for a reason.  They are not just about learning.  They are also about doing, taking action, building.  They  come with one on one mentoring to help you “do the doing” and get real outcomes and a peer support group where you can share your successes and get the support and encouragement of fellow families doing the projects alongside you.



Directly employing your staff gives you more control.  More control over the quality of staff, when they work and how they do their work.  You can invest in their training, build good relationships with them and they tend to stay longer.

In the Get Set Up as an Employer Project, you’ll learn  step-by-step how to set yourself up as an employer and avoid the overwhelm and fear of not knowing what to do that holds many families back from directly employing.

I’ll walk you through getting set up with the Australian Tax Office, paying tax and superannuation, getting the right insurance, how to pay your staff and keeping them safe.

Like with all  my projects you will also get individual mentoring sessions too to help you bust through any roadblocks.

To join Sheree inside the Get Set Up as an Employer Project, click below now.



Recruiting your own staff allows you to have more choice and control over who supports your family member.

You’ll get more value for money when investing in their training and you’ll be able to create an environment that increases the likelihood that they will stay longer.

But at the same time, recruiting can seem overwhelming. 

It can seem so daunting to know where to start. Especially when you’re first starting out…

So I’ve developed a training program of short, easy to follow videos where I provide you with step by step training on how to recruit great support workers.

I’ll provide you with a whole bunch of tools and templates to help you recruit your staff – like job adverts, position descriptions, interview questions and more.

Not only that, you’ll get access to mentoring sessions with me  to bust through any roadblocks that you face.



Feel like you are telling your staff over and over again what to do but they aren’t getting it?

Are you unsure of what training to provide your staff?

Keen to know how to teach your staff in ways that work?

Want to ditch putting your training in a big fat printed training folder that gets out of date and nobody reads?

Want to put your training online so your staff can access it from anywhere?

Want to learn how to get someone else to make the training for you so you don’t have to do all the work?

This project will help you to get all of that good stuff out of your head and all those files on your computer spread all over the place into an organised learning platform for your staff

friends sitting in a circle



A circle of support is a group of family members and friends that gather alongside a person with a disability help connect them to their community and achieve their good life goals.  Circles harness the ideas and connections of many to bring about more opportunities to make things happen.  Good Life Building is tough on your own!

This project will help you to lower your anxiety over asking for help from family and friends, figure out who to ask, how to ask, what you are asking for, how to run your first and subsequent circle gatherings and how to maintain communication and momentum in between gatherings.

I’ll also help you to figure out how to involve your family member with a disability in gatherings and decision making even if they struggle with anxiety or communication.

You will also get mentoring sessions to help you break through any issues that come up.



Are you stuck in the weeds of the daily coordination of activities your team does?  Are they reliant on you for almost everything? Nervous about delegating tasks? Not sure how to give feedback without getting into an argument? Want to build your team’s capacity to make decisions and manage their own work while you oversee at a distance? Want to focus your precious time on doing the things you really love and are good at?

The lead your team project will guide you step by step in how to go from being the team manager, to the team leader and allow you to free up your time by developing trust, delegating work and empowering your team to get stuff done without your constant oversight.



Are you sick of that heavy printed folder full of staff training, medical appointment notes, goals and plans, receipts, shift reports and staff meeting minutes?

Looking for an easy to use,  flexible online system that you change to fit in with the way you and your team works?

Technology not your thing and need some hand holding from a real person?

In the Done for You Podio Project I’ll build the core structure for you that you can then adjust to meet your specific needs and you can just get straight into adding your vision, goals, tasks, shift reports, training notes, medical appointment history and more.



Friendships are key for a good life.  They bring us joy, a sense of belonging, can help us out in a crisis and bring more good life opportunities.  

Having friends with disability is of course a good thing for all of us, but if our family members only have friends with disability, then that can mean they are missing out on opportunities to truly belong in their community.

In this project you will be supported to apply strategies based on social role valorisation theory to increase the likelihood of your family member being able to form friendships with people without disability.



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