Good life building takes work doesn’t it.  It’s more stuff on our plate.  Our to do lists get long and overwhelming and we can get so overwhelmed we stop cause we don’t know where to start.

Often when we are not getting anything done, we can start blaming factors that are out of our control.  Things like I’ve got too much to do and I have no time.

Because they seem out of our control, that can make us feel helpless and frankly really depressed!  And then we don’t have the drive to do anything so it’s a vicious cycle.  I get stuck in this cycle myself from time to time too.

There have been times when my son has been very unwell and we have had no sleep for weeks on end and life is absolute hell.  At those times, I’ve put good life building to the side and concentrated on figuring out helping my son and finding ways to sleep.

During those times that’s all I’ve been able to do and made peace with that.  These are tough times and I can’t expect anything more from myself.

But when life is ticking along as it normally is, I’ve still found that stuff gets in the way of good life building and I’ve had to find ways to bust through this so I can keep taking small steps.

We all have the same amount of time – 24 hours in a day.  So the key to having time is to make time.

Every now and then I sit down and look at what tasks I’m doing and work out what I can stop doing, what I can start doing, what I can do less of and what I can do more of.

Watch my video on finding time……

Finding Time Worksheet


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