What is induction?

Induction is the process of getting new staff acquainted with their working environment so that they can become a valuable team member quickly.

It isn’t ALL the training a person might need though.  Be careful not to end up with information overload for the person in their first few weeks at work.

Keep the information to what they absolutely must have.

Why is induction important

If your staff member injures themselves and you haven’t provided appropriate training you might find yourself in trouble with the courts for not doing what is reasonable to keep your staff members safe.

A good induction program also….

  • Builds your reputation as a good employer
  • Reduces stress on your new staff member
  • Helps the new staff member to be able to hit the ground running and reduce workload on other team members.

What kinds of things could I include in an induction program?

Use this Staff Induction Check List as a starting point for developing your induction program.

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