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  • Training support workers
  • Planning and achieving goals with your team
  • Implementing alternative communication

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Our next upcoming webinar

The Family Governance Model

Wednesday August 31, 9:30 – 10:30 am , Sydney time

This webinar will be presented by Michaela Kennedy – Director of The Jeder Institute

The family governance model involves a group of family and friends of a person with a disability who know the dream, desires and preference of this person well. The provider works alongside the team to build and safeguard the life the person with disability wants. Using person centred planning and supported decision making processes to enable the person with disability to have choice and control over their life.

Family members and friends form a legal entity and a board of directors or committee that meet regularly to ensure the person’s life is going well, supports are working towards goals and resolve any issues. The legal entity can also act as an employer to directly employ support staff. This board or committee continues operating if / when parents are no longer able to oversee the supports.

The Jeder Institute is an NDIS registered provider that offers a service that supports families to form legal entities, form boards / committees and implement person centred planning, supported decision making and effective governance processes. They can also facilitate directly employing staff even if you have restrictive practice in a positive behaviour support plan and can manage the NDIS claiming process on your behalf.
In this webinar Michaela will outline more about what the family governance model looks like, how it works and the service that the Jeder Institute offers.

Time will be allowed for questions. A recording will be made available to those who register.


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