Through your networks

Who do you already know that has the right personal qualities and skills that would suit the role?

Who do you know that might have contact with people that could be suitable?

If I was looking for a cooking mentor then I’d be thinking about all the people I know that enjoy cooking or who might know people that enjoy cooking.  Examples might be:

  • The guy that works at my local cafe that I see regularly
  • The lady that runs the canteen at my local school
  • My cousin who is studying to be a chef at the local TAFE
  • The guy that runs a cooking school at the local markets

Community Locations

Identify the locations in your community where people with the right kinds of skills might hang out.

If I was looking for a sports coach I could post my advert at

  • Sports clubs – netball, cricket, football, soccer etc
  • Swimming pools
  • Little Athletics
  • Gyms

Online Locations

Identify online locations where the right kind of people might visit and find out about how to post adverts.

Examples for a reading coach might be

  • Library website
  • Book club website

Printed Media

Think about what printed publications the ideal candidate might read.

If I was looking for a job coach I might put an advert in:

  • A local newspaper
  • A local business to business magazine
  • Neighbourhood watch newsletter

The usual Recruitment Websites

There is usually a cost associated with advertising on recruitment websites so make sure you check your budget first.

Disability Support Worker Platforms

I’d consider recruiting more widely first before going straight to a disability platform – as I explain in my article the Top 5 mistakes families make when recruiting support workers and how to avoid them.

Once you have found someone by recruiting more widely you can sign them up to these platforms if you do not wish to directly employ them or use them as private contractors.

Hire up


Find a carer

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