A circle of support is a group of family and friends who work together to help create, promote
and support the goals of a person with disability. The circle acts as a community of
friendship and support around the person at the centre. Members can provide
practical advice, solve problems and generate ideas to contribute to the person’s life.

Circles do not :

·        replace the role of the family in a person’s life 

·        take on the role of services in a person’s life 

·        take care of the person at the centre of the circle on a daily basis

Here’s Yvonne, one of my son Isaac’s circle members who has been on his circle for many years talking about her experience being a circle member.

Get step by step guidance on starting and running a circle of support in my Circle of Support Project

This project will help you to lower your anxiety over asking for help from family and friends, figure out who to ask, how to ask, what you are asking for, how to run your first and subsequent circle gatherings and how to maintain communication and momentum in between gatherings.

I’ll also help you to figure out how to involve your family member with a disability in gatherings and decision making even if they struggle with anxiety or communication.

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